Executive Personal Assistant

I’m looking for an Amazing full-time Personal Assistant to join our team here in Springboro! Tech-savvy, fast-paced, intelligent, fun to be around, and motivated is a definite MUST in this role!

We are high volume Real Estate Investors so real estate, construction, or similar industry experience would be helpful but isn’t required. With a base salary of $45-55k and a more realistic $70-75k with bonuses, I have very high expectations for anyone in this role.

My full-time PA is being promoted, so I’m looking for another amazing assistant to help fill the position! This will be a long term permanent role. If you apply, please be sure you’re available and committed to this job long-term…we need the exact right fit for this role. Let me say that again: this role is for an Executive Personal Assistant. It’s not just a “job.” It’s a VERY important facet of my life, and it will need to be an important facet of yours, too – it’s a wonderful opportunity for the right person! I NEED someone with experience as a second hand to C-level execs. You are expected to be the glue that holds a small company together.

This is not just a 9-5 job. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, but there will be nights where you are not home by 8pm. There will even be the occasional weekend where you will be needed for a task. You’ll be in group chats and constant communication with my current PA as you two will need to work together seamlessly. She’s absolutely amazing and you two will get along super well if you’re a great person like she is. 

Since you’ll work on a variety of tasks that will change all the time, you have to be adaptable, fast on your feet, and once again….intelligent. I have a severe case of ADHD and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’m very specific about everything I want. If you’re not used to working with someone like that, this won’t be the role for you.  

You’ll be my number one person for information, organization, managing my schedule and calendar, managing marketing and data tasks, working with our vendors and partners, scheduling and ordering items, negotiating with an entire host of suppliers and vendors, etc. You’ll do everything from making lunch to helping me manage a scheduled campaign on a tight deadline and budget ($50K+, I handle that part entirely, but you have to keep me on track with it!), and ensure that all marketing goes out like clockwork! I’m extremely fast-paced and have a major case of ADHD (really, not just saying that) so it’s your job to keep me on track, on task, and take over all of the extra overflow tasks so I can focus on my top 5 core competencies that must be done for our business to run properly.

I have to be able to delegate super important stuff to you and trust that you’ll get it done and find awesome ways to speed it up, streamline it, and turn it into a system and a process that others on the team will follow.

Since we’ll be working together a ton, most likely sharing an office….you have to be positive, motivated, upbeat, and fun to be around most of the time. Bad days are OK and certainly happen, but I’m looking for a drama-free assistant to enjoy working with who will help me get 3x productivity out of my time and ensure I’m not wasting time on tasks that others should or could be doing. On a normal day (which changes all the time) you’ll find yourself split 70% on marketing and tracking tasks, and 30% on personal assistant tasks. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert marketer. You simply need to be tech-savvy enough to perform the functions we need and track it all with excellent focus.

You’ll assist others as needed including the COO, the Sales Manager, and others but your priority will always be my stuff.

You’ll work in CRMs, type a ton of stuff (60+wpm required), call and do major in-depth research on dozens of things to find the best answer, help out our AR/AP each week, and preparing invoices, paying contractors, etc. You’ll make lunch, ensure the office is stocked and supplied with everything (drinks, groceries, supplies, paper, etc), and so much more. You’ll work with our vendors, negotiate new flooring accounts and suppliers, call roofing crews, call landscape crews, and get work done on tight timelines, you’ll visit job sites sometimes and ensure work is done, take pictures, post Realtor signs, etc. You’ll handle and track expenses, our marketing budget, and so much more. 

Great example: I wanted a baby kitten just now. A VERY specific type of kitten. My PA Heather called, emailed, text, and chased down 57 different places with very specific instructions just to find this kitten! She joined FB groups, got referrals to the right breeder, went to the certified TICA website and found breeder referrals from there, and ended up sourcing the perfect specimen at a great price with all certifications we need from AR, arranged the flight, etc. 

She has 5 ongoing major projects right now that are all similar in scope and scale. Tax stuff, new insurance companies to compare that require 5-10 hours each of documentation, new AR/AP software to compare which involves 5 different web demos of 1hr each, chasing down a specific type of oral surgeon for some major dental work, and reading 200 local reviews, etc. 

It’s a DETAIL ORIENTED job, and nothing less than near-perfection is acceptable! You’re in charge of big things, large dollar amounts, things that are critical….only the best will do. Beyond that, you have to be very private and a vault with details. I will trust you and my other PA with information, secrets, personal stuff, etc that I would never share with the public or my general team. 

She keeps me on task, focused, etc. She tracks my entire life in Google Keep, keeps my calendar, my travel, my plans, books my vacations and negotiates discounts to save money, 

I am only looking for someone who has the right heart and spirit; meaning…there are dozens of things that are important to me that simply don’t ever get done the way I want them because we’re too busy. Thank you cards to clients and friends or special gifts that have meaning sent at the right time to that client who is sick. We do birthday parties for our co-workers and often rent out the VIP suite for bowling parties, but I want to kick these up a notch. Our team is my number one priority and the only reason I love what I do so much. After all, out of the 13 here, half of them are friends and family and we quickly adopt the other half!

We have an amazing team here! Everyone here is an excellent culture and team fit or we would not keep them. It’s super important that you fit into that as well. It’s a fun place to work, but it’s fast-paced, sometimes stressful, and certainly crazy. If you are good at organizing chaos and getting things done with only 1/3 of the information….this will be the job you. I’m looking for an assistant that will help me get 3x productivity out of my time and ensure I’m not wasting it on tasks that others should be or could be doing. Being a small growing company, we all wear multiple hats. We all pitch in when needed to help each other. 

Be sure to submit a COVER LETTER with your resume, and even a video to stand out!


  • Very tech-inclined and able to work with our vendors and suppliers. You will need to be savvy enough to hire freelancers and others to create databases, scripts, and other things on Upwork and control their productivity and manage the results to ensure we get what we want to help our business operate more efficiently.  
  • Need to be a “less is more” worker. Meaning anything you see that we do repeatedly you need to find a way to automate or delegate a solution that has the least possible cost so that we all have time to work on our highest and best use and not get bogged down by minutiae. 
  • Able to mentally handle large volumes of data and classify, manipulate within Excel or Google Sheets and track. Able to get on the phone and call specific targets for information and achieve the result (which often means being persuasive!)
  • You understand that the job doesn’t end when the clock strikes 6 pm. There will certainly be times I need to a question, ping on FB for a quick solution, etc. I won’t abuse that, but the right person will have a home life that makes that OK. During the first months, there will be a ton to learn and a ton to do which will involve you taking some work home with you to get it done. We ALL do it when needed and we all pitch in!
  • Must LOVE organization to keep our systems organized as well as my life organized.
  • Understand secrecy and privacy. Not only is your job here very private and restricted to the top management level folks on the team, but I always keep my personal life private as well. You must be a VAULT with information and respect and maintain that privacy and always be my eyes and ears. If someone is creating drama in the office, you and I are to be a team and you’re to report it to me so we can address it.
  • Above all else – I’m looking for someone I LIKE, enjoy working with, and can get along well with. If you’re not looking for that camaraderie and fun work-life atmosphere, please do not apply. If you’re only looking for a job and a paycheck and not wanting to join a long-term career in a family fun environment please do not apply.
  • Part of being in this role and at this level of trust means you’re doing something SUPER important in our business. If you’re not ultra-reliable and rarely miss work, you won’t be a fit. Your job here will have a HUGE direct impact on our bottom line and to me, that means supporting our team members and their families so they can make more and more money.  
  • If you’re not a team-first person, this isn’t for you. We’re all about the team here and the culture and fun are equally or more important to me than making huge profits! It’s the entire reason I’m in business after retiring in 2015, getting bored, and wanting to come back and serve others and have FUN with a team that makes it feel like it doesn’t really work. The hours fly by in a good way. You feel accomplished and productive all day and things just flow. SURE, there are certainly some bad days, stressful days, etc. It’s not all roses and parades but overall, we keep it fun and love what we do.
  • Must be great at working alone and also side by side with me and with Heather. Must represent me very well on the phone and in all email, text, phone, and written communications. Folks will talk to you more than me. You’ll manage my calendar, email, Dr. appts, client and vendor relations, etc. One of clients is worth $110MM….you must know how to speak to him the same way you’ll speak to the client worth $250.
  • I often fly a million miles a minute and make quick decisions. It’s what leads to success. Sometimes I need someone I trust to talk through a problem or idea and I need solid, sound, well-thought-out feedback and advice. I need someone that can keep up with me and someone that will offer the more rational side to counteract my occasional hysteria and rapid pace 🙂
  • Must understand that everything in our office is SALES. Every role, in some way! If you’re in actual sales, you’re negotiating prices on homes. If you’re our transaction coordinator, you’re seeking to maximize the sales price of a home while saving money on fees with our title company. If you’re in our marketing department, you’re negotiating in bulk on our direct mail and other marketing channels. If you’re in the rehab department, you’re negotiating with contractors, material suppliers, etc. So if you hate to haggle and it makes you uncomfortable in ANY way, this may not be a good fit. It will be required and will be frequent. And the better you do, the more you’ll shine here and bonuses are a commonplace thing. Seeking out the best deal on everything and saving money is how we save tens of thousands every year! And that doesn’t always mean the lowest price at all…it means the best value for what we want. You’ll negotiate shipping, insurance, vehicle insurance, supplies and materials for marketing, cards, data providers, copiers, etc.
  • I’ve said it a few times, so I’ll say it again. You have to be a tech-inclined individual. G-suite, Excel, Word, Access, Dropbox, CRMs, manipulating and pulling data from resources we provide, scheduling and tracking via calendars, downloading and resizing docs and pics, managing the CRM and sharing permissions with me, and several different pieces of tech I’ll show you and train you on. None of it is really “hard”. It’s mostly about ensuring that something that has 14 steps across multiple days is fully completed, on time, near perfectly. Every single time.
  • Your number one thing here is keeping me on my highest and best use. Everyone at our office can do the dishes, only I can create the marketing or launch the branding that will add another 6 figure monthly revenue stream so I have to be focused.
  • You will find MAJOR success here by making sure I am on task, focused, working hard, and that all distractions are kept at bay. That means you & Heather are my Gatekeepers and that you will, in essence, be my manager in tandem with her on day one even over other more senior folks. Don’t worry, they get it and will never take it personally. They all want me to be more focused and doing more as they know it impacts the bottom line and helps them far more than being accessible every 3 mins does. 
  • You HAVE to keep me on track. Systems, calendars, desk organization, food, fridge stocking, all of it….I give the keys to my work life over to you and put you in charge. My wife, Heather, and you will communicate often without me even knowing it, making sure I do the things I am supposed to do each day.
  • You’ll run errands, set appointments, record meetings and minutes, sit in on future interviews to give me your opinion, place job ads like these, help me manage expense sheets, run team meetings when I’m absent, and 20 more things.

What’s the atmosphere like? How about…happily frenetic! Maybe that’s it. It’s fast-paced, you’re going on 30% of the info and need to use context clues, intuition, and intelligence to figure things out, all while the entire team is cheering you on and wanting to see you succeed. We’re all here to help, but we’re also all so busy (hence this hiring ad!) that you definitely need to be a motivated problem solver, quick-witted, and sharp.  

There’s a ton of room for growth. You’ll either be a perfect fit here or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. If you are that perfect fit, I can promise you’ll love your career here more than anywhere else you’ve been and will be well rewarded for it. The pay is just where it starts…we offer many other perks, bonuses, raises, etc for awesome people that make our lives better!


  • Experience using Microsoft Office
  • Excellent communication skills, time management skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills
  • Possess a high school diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent
  • Experience handling confidential information and adhering to strict deadlines
  • Heavy tech experience, tons of different programs and modalities. 60+ WPM typing speed (which is slow, I type 110) 🙂
  • Real Estate, Mortgage, Construction, or Title Experience is always helpful, but not required.
  • Marketing and Sales experience is super helpful, but not required.
  • 2+ yrs of High Level Personal or Executive Assistant experience is required
  • Great at creating systems, procedure manuals, recording videos to show trainees how to do something, and an easy ability to make clients, vendors, contractors, coworkers, etc like you and enjoy talking to you and spending time with you.
  • Able to keep up with me! Seriously. This is no easy feat. I’m fast-paced and since I learn everything quickly without much effort….you have to be sharp, intelligent, witty, and fun. I am always happy to help, but you’re here to help me have more time so I can’t be spending too much time showing you very basic stuff. I’ll expect you to be well above the basics, and anything else specialized to learn, there will be resources for it, other employees, myself for specific things, or….Youtube University. Youtube and Google are often your friend and you must be great at learning from both.
  • The less of the marketing, construction, real estate experience you have above….the more you’ll need to be willing to learn it after hours, nights and weekends, etc as it’s basic to the functioning role of the job DAY ONE, so it’s not a “learn on the clock” thing….you’ve gotta get up to speed fast! If you’re not committed to this, then you won’t be the right fit here. I’m writing this ad at 630pm on a Saturday evening and our office is closed every weekend so….we do what’s important when needed and GET IT DONE.

I could ramble on forever but it’s time to end this super long job ad. We offer a ton of perks such as:

  • 401K with match after 6mo
  • Bonuses, raises, rewards, and a ton of small thank yous in various forms.
  • Paid sick days
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Birthday parties, team lunches, and a ton of fun!
  • Base pay is $45,000 to $75,000 DOE (the E stands for Experience and Effort). You’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn performance bonuses, too, so if you’re very good, you should be super happy with your pay here!

If you’ve read ALL of this and you know for sure this is the career you see yourself loving with a team you want to join, tell me WHY in a cover letter and send me a great resume! Why is this the job for you? Out of 150+ applicants that we’ll receive…why do I need to interview you immediately? Be as creative and thorough as you can as we use this as first line of defense to avoid wasting time reviewing 150 resumes! As the ad says above, we’re too busy for that lol. And my ADHD would never allow me to review the 150 anyway, so I only see the ones that truly stand out in a big way!

I truly look forward to hearing from you and I hope we get to work together 🙂 Apply using the form below now!


$70,000 – $75,000 yearly

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