Private Lending Opportunities in Ohio Real Estate

Real Estate is a time-tested investing method that can secure both short-term and long-term returns for an investor, whether they are local to the area that the real estate is physically located in, or connecting to others from out-of-state. Private Loans are a great way to earn some passive income in less than a year’s time, without the potential volatility you would experience in other markets. As such, we offer Private Lending options to our investors, allowing them to grow their accounts while investing in a family-owned and operated company that’s been investing in, and renovating, real estate for nearly two decades.

We utilize private loans to purchase and renovate properties that need repairs and updates, pouring instant equity into the homes to solidify value and bring about returns.

How Private Lending with us works

Speak to us about our Private Lending Options and let us know what your goal is with your investing portfolio. Once we know your timeline, funding available, and long-term goals, we will contact you to make all the necessary arrangements (there aren’t many) in order for you to partner up with us on a private loan. You will have the first and ONLY lien rights on any properties that you fund via Private Lending.

Once the term of the Note has concluded, you’ll receive your original investment back, plus the interest you’ve accumulated during that time period.

Investing with Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

If you have a self-directed retirement account, such as IRA or 401k, you’re welcome to deploy those funds with us via a Private Loan. Your returns on these Notes will provide you with steady growth that has the added benefit of tax deferral! This effect can multiply when you re-invest earnings from one Note into the next one, and so on.

In fact, once you pass the $150,000 mark, you’re looking at earning more than $10,000 per Note.

Returns through Private Lending Notes

Our Private Lending Investment Options provide you with a guaranteed return based on an interest rate of 8-9%. The term of these Notes spans 6-12 months, with most of them offered at 6 months or 9 months. Based on how much liquid funding you wish to invest, you can passively earn from (the low end) tens of thousands of dollars, to upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars (the high end), all in less than 12 months’ time. Occasionally, we may offer extended note options up to 18 months, OR we may sell a property that you’ve funded ahead of schedule (read more about this here), which will cash you out even faster.

Here’s an example of what an investor could potentially earn with us, if they started with $100,000, after 2 years (columns show amounts invested per Note):

In this example, we’ve used 6-month Notes, and have re-invested the total amount each time into the next Note. At the end of the first 6-month Note, the investor has earned $8,000 in interest on their initial $100,000 investment, putting $108,000 total into their bank/retirement account. If we take that $108,000 and immediately invest it into another 6-month Note, at the conclusion of the first year, they’ll have $116,640 ($16,640 profits). At the start of their second year, they re-invest that $116,640 into another 6-month Note, leaving them with $125,970 at the 18-month mark. Roll that into the next one, and at the end of Year #2, the investor has $136,050.

With NO other additional funding, the investor has turned their $100,000 into $136,050 within two years’ time, and very minimal effort. If they choose to re-invest that amount, they’ll be nearly to $150,000 with their next Note beyond that. As you can see, the more funds invested, the larger this waterfall of returns may be. As stated above, once you pass the $150,000 mark, you’re looking at earning more than $10,000 per Note.

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