Real Estate Home Buying Sales Representative

Are you a natural-born salesperson? Or do you have what it takes to become a Top-Producing House Buying Sales Rep for our team with our training? Then we should talk ASAP.

You will be buying homes on behalf of our firm, NOT as a Realtor so no license is needed. We’re looking for folks who LOVE sales and love working with clients. And just like HGTV, we buy and flip homes as our primary business model. No Realtor license is needed or wanted. 

We are looking for 3 more A-Players to join our Inside Sales Team. We have an endless stream of inbound WARM and HOT leads and we need professional closers who can close deals, not just talk a bunch and create activity. We need professionals who want to hustle, work hard, work 50hr weeks, and make a ton of money. You need to want to be the very best at what you do and have that passion and drive that leads you to major success. If you bring that, we will most definitely show you how to achieve huge success with our company. 

If you are looking for a fun, rewarding, high-paying, fast-paced company to work with…this is the start of that new career. I can promise excitement and adventure for sure. This ad will clearly explain what the role REALLY is so it is super transparent! The goal is simple. By the end of this I want you to either say,” Oh heck YES!,” OR, “Oh man, what, did I just read? NO!” Sound good? Are you selling cars, insurance, remodeling and construction, roofing, door-to-door products, windows, boats, horses, goats, or literally ANYTHING else and doing well, but know you could be making WAY more money?

Our best sales team members do not have direct home sales experience. One was a former engineer, another sold online marketing, another was in car sales and the mortgage business, and another owned a pawn shop. All backgrounds are welcome…if you can sell and prove it, you will fit in here!

We spend a fortune on marketing every month with one goal in mind: Delivering our sales reps a ton of leads and teaching them how to close them. You’ll have an initial training period before you take live leads, and then you’ll have ongoing training from our Sales Manager and the CEO directly for your entire career here. Even 3 years and MUCH success later, the CEO still coaches every single day on special ways to get deals done that others simply can’t do. His vast wealth of knowledge will lead you to more and more sales. He’s a 100% straight-shooter so if your feelings get hurt easily, don’t bother applying here.

Do you LOVE talking to people all day and have the drive, desire, and persistence to CLOSE deals? We want hungry folks who will work hard and CLOSE deals, not just create a bunch of activity without results. Even if you hit your weekly goals…if you get complacent and think that is enough, you will not be the right fit for our company.

Here’s who you are: Detail-oriented, diligent, dependable, incredibly friendly, and easy to talk to…so friendly that it would be hard to stop speaking to you! Must be motivated by success and the need to close a sale. You like to have fun and have a proven track record of phone sales and can back that up with in-person appointments.

75% of your sales will be made on the phone without meeting your client, the other 25% will involve site visits to their home to build rapport and close the deal. You must look and speak the part in all ways. Greasy sales folks do not fit in here. Our approach is LOW pressure, 100% fact-based, and is very simple. That’s why a former engineer is our sales manager. We work with facts and basic psychology, not pressure or fake BS. We operate with full integrity and require our employees to always create win-win scenarios in every deal.

You call prospects fast, get on site quickly, layout a superb sales presentation, and close deals. You are relentless with follow-up as you realize the fortune is in the follow-up and while you will always have some lay down leads that sign with you on day one, 70% of all deals are made by following up 5-10-30 times and will come after 1-2-6 months of consistent follow-up.

Here’s what a top performer looks like: A professional that knows how to have fun and build instant rapport. Someone that understands that massive success comes from hard work and relentless follow-up. This person is teachable and always improving themselves by reading books, watching videos, doing mindset work, reading blogs, etc. We can and will train you every step of the way, but we can’t make you dial the phone 120 times a day, or send those emails, or make those last 7 calls for the evening, or answer that random call long after you are home for the day/weekend and make that sale. That is 100% on you. We only work 9-6 in the office, however, we will ALWAYS take calls when clients want to do business and that often means 8:45 pm on a Friday, 11 am on a Sunday, etc. Again, we do not work in the office late nights or weekends, but you must be available when your clients call to land those deals. We are on their clock and we do business when they want to. If not, they will simply call someone else who will answer the phone and get the deal done. We don’t have many calls on nights/weekends, but it will definitely happen so be 100% aware of this! And if your spouse/significant other isn’t on board with this and understands this is a priority, please do not apply. Most of us have kids and family here and they all understand we work hard to better their future.

A top performer is a fast starter and is extremely money motivated and looking for the right opportunity to use their superior people skills and talents to build a long-lasting career with a great company. They do not make excuses, they DELIVER RESULTS! And you must have thick skin. Not only in training as the CEO is very blunt and transparent, but also with your clients. You’re working with them on the largest purchase/sale of their life and, as such, many are emotional. You WILL get calls, every single week, that tell you to F off. You have to be able to rebound from that in 5 seconds and move on to the next prospect! Also, we commonly find that an NO today turns into a sale 3-6-12mo down the road.

Your most important asset will be a no-excuses attitude toward getting houses purchased effectively and efficiently, along with a burning passion for personal growth. Your ability to effectively take ownership of your role and proactively add value will make you an ideal teammate.

You will be reporting Key Process Indicators (KPI’s), aka “The Numbers” so if you’re willing to be managed by results that YOU are in control of then please apply! 

To apply – Send a COVER LETTER and tell me exactly WHY you are the person I should talk to immediately. Out of the 150 folks who will apply here, why are you the one that I need to speak to today over all of those others?


  • Become a pro at overcoming objections and providing the team value proposition through the use of our scripts so that customers can identify our team’s professionalism and integrity in all situations.
  • You will spend the larger part of your day communicating with prospective clients via telephone and email as well as managing all sequences of the sales cycle so that clients’ needs are met in an efficient and organized way.
  • Achieve productivity, appointment setting, and revenue targets while responding efficiently to customer inquiries (usually in the form of sales leads) in order to meet their needs.
  • Attend seller appointments in the field and negotiate win/win solutions for both parties.
  • Build rapport with sellers to overcome objections and get deals signed and closed.
  • Build a pipeline for future clients. You will manage hundreds of leads. Over 40% of your signed contracts will come around after 3+ months of follow-up. The larger your pipeline becomes, the easier it is to close routine deals 1-3-6 months later paying you for consistent effort.
  • Must be very tech-inclined. You’ll make 60-100++ calls per day to follow-up with prospects, respond quickly to warm/hot inbound leads, update our CRM daily and stay on task until deals are closed, operate within our other systems, etc.
  • Talk, chase, stalk, chase, and talk some more. Very heavy phone requirements. And, in some rare instances, we’ll go knock on a door, deliver a letter/flyer, and talk to the prospect in a cold manner. If this scares you, this isn’t for you. We HUSTLE to make deals happen.
  • Did we mention closing deals?


  • Culture: Candidates must first and foremost fit in with our awesome company culture and add value through their insights and experience. Candidates must (obviously) be great at closing sales, relentless with following up on leads, be very skilled at managing time and prioritizing work, and have a passion to perfect their craft and become world-class!
  • Communication Skills: You have to talk well…and a lot. If you hate phones, this isn’t the career for you.
  • Type of Person: We only hire “A Players”, you must be the best at what you do. You must fit in well with our team while having a mindset of ownership for your part…This position is directly responsible for the success or failure of the business so if you have a tendency to blame others you will not last. You don’t wait to be told what to do…grab the bull by the horns and GO! You have a complete willingness to do what it takes to win; commitment to continuous personal growth and be eager to learn more about the real estate investment industry. Reliability is big in this position….you will need to keep your agreements even if it hurts to do so. You’ll also want to be eager to provide references of bosses and peers from previous jobs…you will be required to have them call us. Lastly, be drama-free…we don’t like drama.
  • Schedule: Understand that this is not a 9-5 job. We’re only looking for those that want a long-term career and understand that this is SALES. We work and take calls when the clients want to make a sale. We’re on their time schedule, they are not on ours. You’re expected to answer and return calls during all reasonable hours, even at home, out to dinner, etc. Those who succeed here put the client first and make it happen. While the bulk of activity is always during 9a-6:30p office hours, there will be calls at 8:45p, calls on Saturday at 8:30am, calls on Sunday at 4:42p, etc. We make the sale when clients want to sell and we only surround ourselves with top “A players” that understand this.
  • Experience: It’s good if you have had a job in sales – but that’s not required; Must have a willingness and desire to take ownership; Must be able to get trained in our sales methodologies, take direction AND work independently of management. You will be expected to make phone introductions to previous employers and work peers.
  • Preferred: It is preferred you have specific experience in the following areas: Sales, Negotiation, Closing Sales, and Sales Management, trained in the Sandler Selling system or something similar.
  • Technology: We use most of the basics, like MS Office, but we also use a custom CRM, so let us know how tech-savvy you are! You don’t need to type 100 wpm, but you will need to be able to use our systems to record notes and info.
  • You do need to be within 30 minutes of Springboro because closing “belly to belly” is always the first option.

Compensation for this position has a base of $500/week, but getting only 2 quality sales/week is an assured six-figure salary. If you are a top performer, you will have NO problems landing as many deals as you want. Your entire pay structure is based on two things:

  • Locking up as many properties as possible using our methods
  • Buying them for a great price creates win/win scenarios for all parties. That is it!

We are not your typical corporate hog looking to squeeze every nickel and dime out of clients. We are a small company looking to create deals that benefit both parties. So if you are only about making money and not benefitting the community, then this job may not be for you.

How to Apply:
If, after reading through the entire ad, you meet the requirements and qualifications necessary and you are certain this is the career for you with a team you want to join, send us a great resume and TELL US WHY IN A COVER LETTER! (use the form below). Out of 150+ applicants that we’ll receive…why do we need to interview you immediately? Be as creative and thorough as you can as we use this as the first line of defense to avoid wasting time reviewing 150 resumes! 

You can go a step farther and record a message or video to send us, too. As a salesperson, you know that presentation and hustle are important, so SHOW us your drive and ability!


$125,000 – $175,000 yearly

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