Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

If you’re looking for a great work-life balance….this won’t be the job for you! If you need to be home at 6 pm every night for soccer…nope, this isn’t it!

The job is a super fast-paced role that is most definitely only a good fit for someone with super flexible hours and a commitment to a career. There’s a ton to do and so many moving pieces…you absolutely MUST have experience in the role or in this same field as there is no way to train it all. That means experience and knowledge in REAL ESTATE transactions, contracts, and closings!

You will be the transaction manager responsible for ensuring that all of our closings happen perfectly for all of the investment properties we buy or sell. You don’t have to be a licensed paralegal, but you most definitely MUST have experience and understand the language and verbiage of the industry 100%. Affidavit of title, Memorandums, Heirship filings, searching open Probate, Inheritance cases (with arguing families), searching out death certificates, affidavit of survivorships, lien payoffs, how to file and record documents in person with the Recorder and via E-file, sending contracts via E-sign programs, setting up trusts with our attorney, creating notes and mortgages from templates for our lenders, drafting subject to documents, reviewing HUDs, leases, lease options, pre, and post-inspection agreements, set outs, hold harmless agreements, managing title companies….I could go on forever! You are expected to be the organizer of chaos.

This past weekend we had 3 contracts to sign that would be your responsibility. 2 on a Saturday, 1 on a Sunday. 9:30 AM for one, 8:45 PM for another….again, the hours are all over the place!

You’ll also be in charge of all of the services and items that come from our closings (with the help of an assistant, who you will manage and direct.) There are 20 items, but a few of those include leading weekly meetings for the team, turning on and off all utilities, insurance, working with our completely useless and lazy Realtors, and doing 99% of their job for them (paperwork, calls, 

As you know….these things happen ALL the time, all hours of the day. We all work this way (ALL THE THINGS!). We work on the client’s schedule and sometimes that means sending a contract at 8:08 AM and sometimes it’s 9:14 PM. While the official office hours are 9 AM to 6:30 PM Monday to Friday….the job duties go well beyond those basic hours.

Pay for the role is $75,000 – $80,000 DOE and Performance. How this breaks down is simple. You’ll have a base salary of $50 – $55K. From there, the remainder will be bonuses for closing deals and for negotiation as part of the role. Happy to discuss how this breaks down more in the interview or phone screen but if you don’t make a minimum of $65,000 your first year with us and go up from there, you’ve failed miserably!

Look, we need superstars, and we need those who go above and beyond, like the rest of the team, does. Send me a blurb about why you’re a fit – a cover letter and a resume – and if you REALLY want the job, chase us down online and show me what you’ve got! If you want a real career with a real team where you can rise to a challenge, then what are you waiting for?

Our current TC is famous for having plenty of crazy nights that last until 8-9 pm and while MUCH of that is her own disorganization, inefficiency, and generally loving to talk to our tenants, clients, contractors, etc for 45 mins when 5 mins would have been plenty….you’ll still have late nights, rush issues, etc every single week. Have I made the hours clear enough? Great, let’s proceed! If you’re going to be able to handle all of the above, here are a few of the basic things you’ll need to be great with/at the following:


  • Coordinating with and managing title
  • Coordinating with Maintenance and Leasing
  • Coordinating with Realtors
  • Coordinating with Inspectors and Appraisers
  • Coordinating with Lenders
  • Communicating and liaising with Attorneys
  • Maintaining records and files, digitally and physically; the team needs to be kept updated on any developments, changes, or delays
  • Setting and facilitating meetings with title, legal, etc.
  • Staying on top of deadlines and tasks
  • Again, don’t forget the cover letter when you apply! In fact, tell us your favorite flavor of ice cream so we can be confident you’ve read all of this and can handle the level of detail and attention necessary to do well at this role!


  • Experience with unique and difficult transactions (Probate, foreclosure, auctions, POA and inheritance issues)
  • Super Tech inclined – Scans, emails, filing, E-sign docs, fillable PDFs, using our CRM, resizing pics, and much more. We operate out of a few systems that you’ll need to learn and master, but none of them are terribly complicated or difficult.
  • Being Proactive – Staying one step ahead of roadblocks and issues, and solving problems that pop up very quickly and efficiently (organizer of chaos).
  • A bit of a Perfectionist – This role requires perfection in every way as legal descriptions, filings, notices, contract terms, and language, etc are all very specific and if done wrong can cause MAJOR issues. Double-check, triple-check, and then quadruple-check your work if you must, but make sure you still operate on the timeline required
  • Sales oriented – Trust me, every role we have in our company is SALES in some way. You’ll be sweet-talking folks to get deals done all the time. Finding creative ways to get homes sold, like 2 days ago when I was stuck at $242K and the buyer was stuck at $240K for their offer….our TC bridged that gap by making the buyer’s agent take $1500 off their commission and removing the Homeowner’s Warranty from the deal saving us the $2K difference we needed. Your bonuses and total pay are very heavily tied to this type of activity
  • Effective/Kind Communicator – Just like sales above, everything about the role is working with others and forcing them to get tasks done even when they don’t want to. Lazy agents, lazy contractors, lazy title companies, annoying picky buyers, ….they all make up the biggest hassles in this business. You have to know how to get what you want out of them to facilitate what we need, all while making them feel happy, important, and all that jazz. You know, like a velvet hammer basically. Soft and gentle, but effective and demanding
  • Reliable and on time – Our average employee misses 2 days or less per year sick other than scheduled vacation. If you’re out of ten, the team can’t count on you to get stuff done when it needs to be done. Likewise, our Tuesday deal review meeting (which you host every week) is at 11:30 am every Tuesday and has to be on time which means you need to always be well prepared
  • Extremely Organized — There is a LOT to keep track of on any given day with any given deal, so you must be able to stay on top of all of it and not let a single payment be missed or a single listing be delayed. No excuses on these things, there’s always a way, especially with our available resources and your existing network! Whether you track it all through an online calendar, a paper calendar under your keyboard, a notebook, etc – we’re happy to provide you with the tools you need to keep everything flowing smoothly
  • Thriving Under Pressure — This role is not a walk in the park, and there are always going to be deadlines for most things you’ll be doing. Most of the time this centers around important events like closings and listings, but it can also be spontaneous things that you’ll need to be able to react to quickly and efficiently with a level head.
  • Following Up — With so many moving parts, it’s not uncommon for you to have to follow up on something/with someone multiple times. You’ll have to be great at following up without wasting a bunch of time unnecessarily. Sometimes that means you have to be tenacious and really persistent to get things done. Don’t let a contractor, or a Realtor, or a Buyer, string you along
  • Sending us a COVER LETTER with your resume and even a short video to stand out.
  • Seriously, don’t forget that cover letter 🙂 Apply using the form below now!


$75,000 – $80,000 yearly

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